Guarantor loans are unsecured types of loans that do not need collateral. This is one of the most popular kinds of loans that people want to get because of its accessibility and reliability. With all the other kinds of loans, the guarantor loans are the considered the best when it comes to people who need money immediately. With guarantor loans, people can get the money they need to ease the burden that comes within their everyday finances. Also with guarantor loans, people can get the money they need to rebuild their dreams to get a brand new start to life.

One of the best things about guarantor loans is that it is easy to apply to get a loan. You just have to fist get all the requirements so that you can get your loan application processed. Aside from the paper works you need in the requirements, you must also be qualified to get a guarantor loan. To be qualified, you need to be at least 18- 65 years of age. It is also important that you should know that in our guarantor loans, you must not be in a debt management plan because we do not accept people who are in that plan. Also, you should not be in an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA). We also do not accept applicants who are recently bankrupt.

When getting a guarantor loan, you need to have a proof that you can pay the monthly repayments that you need to do when you get your guarantor loan. If you cannot prove to us that you can pay the monthly repayments, then you might be denied of your application for loan. Therefore at IWRN’s guarantor loans offer, you must be employed. This means that when you are employed, you have the income to be able to pay your repayments every month. This also proves that you will not default on your payment. Or if you are not employed but you can prove that you are able to pay, for example, you have benefits that you can use to pay then we can also accept that.

It depends on the processing of the application so you need to clear this out with the service representative who will attend to you. Last but not the least you need to have a guarantor. The guarantor is one of the primary requirements because without one, your loan application will not be processed. The guarantor must see the requirements needed for him to be accepted as a guarantor such as having a good credit rating. The guarantor must have a good performance on the rating so that you can get your loan application to be approved.

To know if you can apply, use the loan builder tool. You need to choose the amount you want to borrow and the duration of time that you want it to pay. Then you can get the estimated monthly repayments. After that, both you and your guarantor need to fill up the application form and other verification processes will be made with regards to your bank details. We will be happy to assist you should there be any questions.