Water Resources and Hydroponics

Welcome to the Inter-American Water Resources Network.

It is our purpose to promote hydroponics to both build and strengthen water resources partnerships and water management among nations, industries, organizations, and individuals; to promote education and the open exchange of information and technical expertise; and to enhance communication, cooperation, collaboration and financial commitment to integrated water and land resources management within the context of environmental and economic sustainability in the Americas including North, Central and South America.

Water preservation and storage are becoming more and more important and there are many things the average person or business can do. If you can you should do some of the following to help:

1. set up your grey water ( water from your dishwasher, washing machine and shower ) to water your garden.
2. set up rain water collection tanks to catch rainwater as it flows of large surface areas such as a roof.
3. fix all leaking taps, it is worth while checking taps once every 3 months for leaks.
4. Use Hydroponics to grow your own food and medicine.

How to Grow Plants using Hydroponics

Hydroponics has been used extensively in growing food including tomatoes, lettuces and other crops and has also been used extensively in the legal production of Medical Marijuana. Using hydroponics leads to better production based on volume, increased nutritional uptake by the plants and it allows for indoor and green house spaces to be used. For more details on how to grow cannabis visit Budzu.

How to grow weed using Hydroponics

How to grow cannabis – DWC bucket setup

There are many hydroponic methods which include:

1. Growing in COCO ( Coco Coir ) Click here to read our article on COCO
2. Mapito ( A sterile mixture made from PE flakes and Rock wool ) Click here to read our article on Mapito
3. Flood and Drain. Click here to read our article on Flood and Drain
4. Deep Water Culture ( DWC ) Click here to read our article on Deep Water Culture


Got more ideas on the methods of marijuana growing methods using water conservatively, tell us on the contact page.